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METAL_REVISION=1.0.4 METAL_BUILD_CONFIGURATION=Release METAL_RELEASE_VERSION=1.0.4 if not defined(METAL_LIBRARIES) if not defined(META_INCLUDE_DIRS) message(FATAL_ERROR "METAL_INCLUDE_DIRS not set") endif() if not defined(META_LIBRARIES) message(FATAL_ERROR "METAL_LIBRARIES not set") endif() find_package(Qt5Core 5.3.0 REQUIRED COMPONENTS QSvgRenderer) if(MSVC) if(META_SITE_ROOT) set(CMAKE_FIND_ROOT_PATH "${CMAKE_CURRENT_SOURCE_DIR}/${META_SITE_ROOT}") else() set(CMAKE_FIND_ROOT_PATH "${CMAKE_CURRENT_SOURCE_DIR}") # WINDOWS: different behaviour in debug and release mode. # In release mode, call to std::wstring is safe in "Searching for METAL" mode. # In debug mode, it is not. # This is true for Qt4, Qt5 and MSVC. if(NOT ${CMAKE_SYSTEM_NAME} MATCHES "Windows") set(_WIN32_VERSION "WIN32") if(MSVC) set(_WIN32_VERSION_DEBUG "WIN32_${_WIN32_VERSION}_D") set(_WIN32_VERSION_RELEASE "WIN32_${_WIN32_VERSION}_R") set(_WIN32_LIB_SUFFIX "" CACHE STRING "The dll suffix of the WIN32 target libraries") set(_WIN



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