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Trainings and Presentations

I'm a skilled, Nationally Certified professional LGBTQ+ and Equity facilitator and trainer. 
I enjoy meeting people where they're at and tailoring presentations to meet the needs and prior knowledge of my clients. 
Please see my testimonials for more information.

Presentations: Resources and Tips

Decolonizing Gender

This workshop can be tailored for the classroom or the workplace. 
In this session I will provide context for the gender binary as a lasting legacy of colonization in our country which continues to affect us all. We’ll will reflect on their own gender experience, better understand the indigenous roots of expansive gender identity and expression, and leave with some practical tips for how to participate in creating a more inclusive and affirming environment for trans and non-binary people.


Expanding Understanding

In this presentation, I provide context for the gender binary and the ways that it continues to show up in our society, including our work places and in elementary classrooms. Participants will reflect on their own experiences, learn critical gender terminology, and leave with concrete action steps.


LGBTQ+ Spirituality: Building Your Own Spiritual Toolbox

Finding grounding spiritual practices and rituals can be challenging in the LGBTQ+ community. Bex Mui, she/her, will share her spiritual journey and her ever-growing “spiritual toolbox” which currently draws on her Catholic roots and Chinese Buddhist practices, along with a blend of magick including tarot and astrology. What might a queer and trans-affirming spiritual practice look like for you?


Wellness Workshops

Building Stronger Professional Communities

  • Magic for Mental Health

  • Tarot For Mindfulness

  • Astrology for Team Building 

  • Building Your Own Magic Toolbox

Presentations: Text

Tarot for Mindfulness

Pulling cards is a mindfulness practice.

In this offering, House Of Our Queer’s Bex Mui, shares about her own experience finding and working with the cards, as well as some common uses for engaging with Tarot.

This workshop offers some practical Do’s and Don’ts about pulling, and focuses on guiding participants towards mindful and intentional practices for working with Tarot. Bex shares a variety of decks and gives concrete examples of ways that a mindful practice of pulling cards can be beneficial to mental health. 

If desired, Bex can also be available for individual or team readings and insights before or after the workshop.  

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for Team Building

Better understanding our astrology birth charts can help us with communication, passion and collaboration. There are no bad signs, and no bad matches. Bex’s inclusive lens to astrology invites people to see the spaciousness in compatibility readings.

In this workshop, Bex studies the astrology chart of team members and co-workers in order to find strengths, and to provide clarity about when people come from different perspectives or approaches.

This workshop leaves everyone with a better understanding of themselves and their colleagues~ and is an opportunity to keep learning and growing together! 

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Additional Workshops and Presentations

Tailored to you and your community

Challenging Assumptions

Unpacking Power and Privilege

In this 1-hour virtual session, Bex Mui, M. Ed., will guide participants through an exploration of the many facets of identity from race to sexual orientation to gender and even spirituality, and the ways that these connect and overlap. We’ll discuss the aspects of our identities that seem to appear on the surface, and challenge the ways that we often unknowingly create assumptions about people’s experiences. Bex will share her own life journey and invite participants into reflections about where power and privilege live in our society, and what we can all do to create more just and equitable working environments.

Building Healthy Relationships

Strengthening Boundaries and Consent

This virtual, 1 hour workshop is student-centered and aimed at middle or high school students.  I present my proactive approach to strengthening students’ understanding about identity in order to help them better know and then communicate their own boundaries. I teach perspectives about  intersectionality, gender and bodies, sexual orientation fluidity, and a variety of connection and relationship structures. Students reflect on their own identities, wants, and needs to strengthen their skills in healthy relationship building - with themselves and others.

Social Justice Confessional

Share your questions freely!

This virtual offering invites participants into a shame-free, judgement-free space to truly learn about LGBTQ supportive actions. As a life-long educator (and learner), Bex understands the importance of being able to ask the questions we have, and even share the comments or actions we've been chastised for by the advocate community to be able to truly learn and work towards change. Questions can be submitted anonymously beforehand and/or shared in the safe space of the Social Justice Confessional.

Curated Presentation

Made just for you!

Bex is a dynamic professional speaker and teacher who enjoys creating unique presentations to meet the needs of a diverse arrange of organizations, schools, and communities. She has a wide range of expertise within LGBTQ+ and Equity work, and is adept at addressing the needs of any community.

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