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Areas of Expertise

Areas of Expertise: Projects

Advocacy and Curriculum Consulting

I enjoy working with educators, advocates, and organizations who are seeking support in creating anti-racist LGBTQ+ spaces. I meet people where they are in their journey and provide support, recommendations and free resources to further your integration and affirmation efforts.

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LGBTQ+ Spiritual Organizing

My advocacy work fuses my spiritual approach to wellness. I'm a certified energy worker, professional tarot reader, and spiritual organizer. 
I am invested in dismantling the divide between LGBTQ+ and religious communities by creating spaces and learning opportunities for deeper understanding. Find more at

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Sexual Health Advocacy

Comprehensive, anti-racist, LGBTQ-centered sexual and mental health supports the core of inclusive curriculum advocacy for all students. Sex and body shame fall disproportionately on QTBIPOC youth. I have a virtual youth-centered workshop in this area, and have taught and presented on this issue at the school, local, state, and national level.


5 Lesson Online Course

Decolonizing Gender

The Decolonizing Gender Mini-Course is for teachers who want to better understand how gender-based stereotypes show up in their classrooms, and how to create classrooms where all of their students can be themselves, regardless of gender identity or expression.

Areas of Expertise: Welcome
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